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General Information

Wedding Services: Wedding Photography, Wedding Photojournalism, Elopement Photography, Engagement Photography, Bridal/Groom Solo Portraits, Couples Portraits.

Non-Wedding Services: Portraits, Headshots,

Second Shooters: up to 3 available

Camera Gear: Multiple full frame Canon cameras as well as multiple backups are always on hand. A wide array of lenses from ultra wide and zoom and an assortment of prime lenses and remote controlled flashes come along as well. To see a full list of gear click here.

About The Photographers

About Aaron Spagnolo

I’m a full time wedding photographer with over 9 years of experience in wedding photography. For years before my first wedding photography gig, I worked as a web-designer, commercial photographer and photojournalist. I loved my work, but it only took one gig in the wedding industry to get hooked in this niche. I love meeting couples, getting to know them, their plans and expectations, and working with them to see this gorgeous day materialize. There’s something about the anticipation, the hard work, the emotions, the love, and the celebration. Every single wedding I cover is special, thrilling, and fun.

For me personally, I love the element of discovery and the chase for the best shot. I really enjoy getting unexpected candids—that’s the photojournalist in me—but I also really enjoy the fine-art wedding portraiture. Sometimes my lovely bride and partner-in-crime, Nanore, will join me on the larger projects. We’ve covered all types of weddings: rustic campsite weddings, nature elopes, formal and elegant affairs, weddings on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July, lbgtq, Armenian, Greek, Indian, Vietnamese, and Italian weddings—you name it! I hope I’ll get to cover your big day!

Favorite things: Campfires, nature, camping with my lady, canoeing, Frisbee with the pup, stargazing, BBQs, and coffee.

Membership: Professional Photographers Association of Massachusetts (PPAM)

Past Photographic Resume

On staff or freelance: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology – (Picower Institute & Tonegowa Institute,) Tufts, Harvard, Huffington Post, Pfizer, Aveda, Nivia, Melrose PD, Suffolk County Sheriffs Department, Conventures, Pfizer, Knome Bio-pharmaceuticals, The Boston Phoenix.

Special Note: Aaron is an approved photographer by the U.S. Secret Service and has covered as well as delivered photographs to governments and world leaders.

About Nanore

I’m always happy to work alongside Aaron on some of the bigger wedding shoots. I find weddings exciting, fun, and always full of good surprises. I enjoy meeting couples and hearing their stories. I find it really meaningful to learn about the individuals and their stories that have led them to their big day. In order to be able to tell their stories through photography, it’s important to first learn about their stories. I’ve earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science, and my Master’s in Conflict Resolution, which essentially means that I love stories and value relationships. I look forward to meeting you, and working with you!

Photographic experience – Product and social media photographer for local bakeries – Photojournalist for local papers – Wedding photographer for 3 years

Favorite things: books, hammocks, traveling, arts & crafts, swimming holes, camping with the husband, knitting many scarves, cuddling with the pup, zoodles, and coffee.


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