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Photography Pricing & Printing

Page sections: Wedding Engagement  Rehearsal Non-Wedding Heirloom-Album Keepsake-Album Wall Prints

We provide you with the choice of à la carte wedding pricing and the occasional special or package, so you can create your perfect and customized wedding investment. We also provide numerous printing options from several wedding albums to an array of wall mount prints.

(Autumn Special extended one month. Ends January 1st.)

Boston award winning wedding photographer

Wedding Pricing

You’re on the path to have your wedding covered by some of the most fun, versatile, and experienced photographers in the Boston area. We always cover weddings as a team of photographers led by Aaron, and usually including the person he trusts most in this world, his wife Nanore. On rare occasions or larger weddings, we can include more backup in our team.

• Aaron Spagnolo as your lead photographer
• Nanore as second shooter
• All of our best equipment on hand
• Our handy-dandy lint roller
• Online password protected gallery
• Selected images on a hard-drive
• Hundreds of our signature photographs retouched
• Standard re-touching
• In person meetings

Special Package:

A La Carte Pricing:

Engagement Photography

An off-wedding day session that focuses on your personalities, love, and perhaps even quirks. From a perfect date to a personal day of photojournalism, an engagement session is also a perfect opportunity for first-timers to learn about photography and most importantly what it’s like to work with and get into the groove with your photographer. Always a wonderful opportunity to learn, create, and explore. Learn more about our engagement photography.

Aaron and a great array of equipment
• A location of your choosing or one of our favorite spots
• Online password protected gallery
• Thumb-drive containing your images
• Standard retouching
• All selected high-resolution files

Rehearsal Dinner Photography

Welcomed with dates at his astoundingly beautiful rehearsal dinner - wedding photography - Indian wedding photography

The moment families meet is quite an important event that surround weddings of all types. Rehearsal dinners are always fun and interesting events to cover, and they make a great opportunity for you and your guests to get a practice run with your photographer. Let Aaron cover your rehearsal dinner and he’ll run wild with his signature candid coverage. You might also consider leaving time for formals or fine-art portraits!

Aaron and a great array of equipment
• Online password protected gallery
• Thumb-drive containing your images
• Standard re-touching
• All selected high-resolution files

rehearsal dinner photography - wedding photography

Non-Wedding Photography

Boston Bridal Portraits - Ballerina

Family photos, portraits, senior portraits, or even events—anything you may be interested in! If you like Aaron’s work and would love to hire him for portrait work or to cover an event, he’d love to talk to you. Aaron loves the occasional change of pace from his wedding work and will cover just about anything.


Heirloom Album (Available in our North Reading studio)

The finest in wedding albums and only available to the professional photographer, our Queensbury album is considered to be nothing less than bees knees of wedding albums. With solid matted page architecture built to stand the test of time, and durable leather wraparound hardcover (also available in fabric or printed). We personally design your album stocked with the best photos from your wedding so you can relive your best day for a lifetime.

Queensbury themselves have used our personal studio album to feature in their video and marketing materials.

Every album includes the following (our own construction, many options are available):

• 15″x12″ wedding album
• 10 double sided matted pages
• Personalized design and the most memorable selected images
• Leather wrap around cover
• Storage Box
• Personalized translucent first page with names and wedding date
• A wide variety of cover and page colors and materials that you chose
• A lifetime of enjoyment

See the album here > http://www.queensberry.com/overlay-matted/

Duplicate Albums

Perfect for the parents, grandparents or anyone important in your life. The same album listed above, just a duplicate of a more modest size. Ordering of the Heirloom Album is required to be eligible to order these duplicates.




Keepsake Album (Available in our North Reading studio)

A modern and durable lay-flat constructed album with fabric cover.

Every album includes the following.

• 12″x10.5″ wedding album
• 20 double sided lay-flat pages with matte printing
• Personalized design and the most memorable selected images
• Fabric die-cut cover (choice in colors)
• Storage Box
• A lifetime of enjoyment

Float Mount Acrylic (Available in our North Reading studio)


A modern wall mounted option, float-mounts are constructed to give the appearance of floating or hovering off of the wall. This is one of the main ways we print and display our own work to be displayed in studio or bridal shows.



Additional Fine-Art Printing (Available in our North Reading studio)

Using silver-halide is an old school method of paper printing, digital files are projected on to silver-halide photo-paper and developed not printed.

exposure - wedding photography - printing