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Aaron offers wedding photography to the Greater Boston community by candidly documenting life and memories on one of our biggest days. Beyond wedding photography, Aaron is a verified photographer by the secret services, has worked alongside world leaders, delivered photographs to presidents, even a few Noble Laureates, as well as bestselling authors.  He has worked with mainstream media, and been published widely from the Boston Phoenix , The New York Times and the Huffington Post. Aaron has been on Staff with MIT, the university has even used his work as gifts. Beyond that, Aaron has worked alongside Grammy winning companies and directors, with stars like Aerosmith and System of a Down, has delivered photos to Harvard and Tufts, and traveled from the West Coast to The Caucuses. After all these experiences, Aaron’s favorite thing to photograph is simply a couple in love that wants to have a good time, and make some great memories.


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Aaron, an experienced wedding photographer ready to capture your special day! He concentrates on the fun and unique aspects of your wedding while also capturing all the emotion and details of the event. Located in North Reading and serving the surrounding cities, including North Reading, Boston, Andover, Lynnfield, and others.


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Wedding Photography


Aaron is always ready to discuss how to make your wedding photography
shine! Interested in learning more about Aaron's services and how he works? Just let him know the date, time, and place and he'll do the rest!

about Aaron's wedding photography


All of our post processing for your photographs is done in house. Each choice image of your beautiful day is cleaned and retouched before delivery.


Aaron and his Photographers only use top of the line Canon equipment, considered some of the best gear
available. He also has a wide array of lenses, lights, and tools to capture all the details.

Aaron's wedding photogrpahy of a bride and grrom playing leap frog in Boston.
Behind the Scenes

One of the hardest parts of wedding photography is being at the right place at the right time. With years
of experience, Aaron knows exactly where to be to photograph the important and beautiful moments. This is he we tends to skip the shot lists, instead opting for the real candid photographs of the day.

Invest in your wedding photography:

The team

Aaron Spagnolo: I've always been called a free spirit by my friends (I prefer the fire pit to the TV) and I try to bring that into my photography as much as possible. The best weddings are always when the couple can really relax, truly let loose, and just have fun.


Aaron's: Commercial photography and photojournalism


Nanore Spagnolo: Nanore recently returned to school full time for her Master's, but is still Aaron's photography partner. She has always enjoyed painting and writing, so she has always had art in her life, and, like Aaron, she's a free spirit and a lover of life.


Nanore's choice images.

Java Spagnolo: She's our wonder dog and resident greeter! Definitely a hyper puppy, she's obsessed with playing fetch, belly rubs, and canoe rides. We actually bring her along for outdoor shoots and have her trained to carry equipment, pick up dropped lenses caps, and more.



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